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The Speed of Light: The Instant Nature of Communication


Yesterday, I sent a text from Utah to a colleague in Jakarta, which is a distance of 9,079 miles (give or take). Considering the distance, I paid close attention to the delivery confirmation, which came almost instantly via iMessage. 

This sparked my curiosity. How fast do our messages actual travel?

Since these tiny bits of data within a computer don’t physically exist, it’s hard to say for sure, so it’s reasonable to assume that such messages travel at or near the speed of light...186,282 miles (300K km) per second!

Putting it into greater perspective, light travels at 670+ million miles an hour, and items traveling at this rate, hypothetically require 1.3 seconds to travel from the earth to the moon.

It might as well be next door!

A few decades ago, an equivalent letter would have taken weeks traverse the Atlantic Ocean by boat. Mankind has communicated using generally the same words and structure for centuries. Even the QWERTY keyboard layout, which as been in use since 1873, is still hugely popular!

It’s true that good things can last a long time, but we should still strive to adapt to the times we live in. Right?

Today, the content we read and write (blogs, tweets, Instagram posts, vine videos, Facebook posts, emails, marketing collateral, ads etc.) are distributed and absorbed at an unimaginable rate. Even the grandest science-fiction minds of the past would be in awe of the possibilities! 

Our communication advancements directly impact how we interact with friends and family.

The same is true in business.

Companies, big and small, can’t afford to exclusively communicate through 20th century tactics in a 21st century world!

At Sundance, we believe in a “follow the sun” integrated communications methodology, where marketing, public relations, social media, web design and so on, are executed and designed as a part of a single consistent discipline.

This ensures that no matter the time of day, our clients’ message (your story) is promoted and delivered consistently and regularly across mediums — in the targeted manner that works best for the markets and influencers that can impact your business the most! 

After all, information is moving at the speed of light...your message must be aligned make sure that it hits the mark?

-Michael Bingham

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